Sports Medals!

As we approach spring the sporting world starts to come to life. We dust off the running shoes, pump up the tyres on our bikes and sign up for local sports clubs. Whether you want to get your beach body on-point, just want to get fit or fancy the challenge of trying something new, having a goal can help you along the way.

Join a club

The social aspect is important to a lot of people too, making new friends with a shared interest is good for our mental health. Now that the dark winter days are behind us we can start to look forward to lighter evenings with more opportunities for working on our health and wellbeing.

Whatever sport you fancy, from hockey, tennis, and swimming to cycling and running being part of a club is a great incentive on so many levels. A club can provide fun, fitness and friendship, and get you off the sofa.

Sports medals

Aim high

What better incentive than the thought of winning a medal, and being recognised for your achievements. Here at Medal Studio, we understand the importance of being awarded for effort. Not only winning but taking part too. That’s why our medals are so special. We only use high quality, solid metal medals that we personalise with whatever the client requires – everything from photos, drawings, logos and text. In fact, if you can design it, we can make it into a medal. Try us out, just upload your design and we’ll send you a mock-up. Add names, dates and achievements to make your medal(s) completely unique.

What are you waiting for? Put down your phone, put on your trainers and get out there! You’ll never know unless you try, you could be the next Serena Williams or Freddie Flintoff!

Good Luck!

2017 has been an exciting year for us as we ventured into the world of medals. We wanted to produce something a bit different that looked great, was bespoke yet didn’t break the bank. We think we’ve achieved that with our range of traditional, olympic and modern medals, with our unique ribbon hangers that ensure the medal sits just right on the recipient.

Some of the designs we’ve been asked to create have been for the Round Britain Sailing Challenge, the Viking Mile and the St. Helena Festival of Running.

2017 round up medal The Round Britain Sailing Challenge medals were in our Traditional Style in gold with flat digital printing and light blue ribbons.




2017 review blog medals

We were asked to create medals for the Dubai Amateur Football League earlier in the year, we were really pleased with how they turned out. The combination of yellow and green printing on a traditional medal with flat doming and the green ribbon made a stunning medal.



2017 review blog medals

The medals we made for the Tactical Strength Challenge were perfect. Our Olympic style medals in black, with laser engraving and black ribbons really fit the bill.




2017 review blog medals

The Falkirk & Linlithgow Hockey Club chose olympic style medals in nickel, with laser engraving and blue ribbons. The colours work really well together, we’re sure the recipients were delighted.



2017 review blog medals

Another black olympic style medal, this time for the Viking Mile. The engraving really stands out on the black, and the black ribbon is the perfect complement. The feedback from the customer was ” The medals look fantastic”.




2017 review blog medals

Our most complex order was for the St Helena Running Festival. We had to make medals in different colours and styles. The main medals were our Traditional style in gold, silver and bronze with digital printing and resin doming. They also required olympic style medals in black with laser engraving. All medals had green ribbons which look stunning. The feedback from the customer was “Hi Guys… just to say thank you for a job well done”


2107 review blog trophiesAs well as the medals, we also created trophies for the Bridlington Elvis Masters Championship 2017. We were extremely pleased with how these turned out, as were the Elvis’s!




2017 review blog medal acrylic

Last month we introduced a new range of medals in acrylic, available in square, round, leaf and bespoke styles with laser engraving, they offer something a bit different.

Global Deliveries

At Medal Studio we not only make medals for UK events, we recently completed medals for the St Helena Running Festival 2017. As you may or may not know, St Helena is a very small island in the south Atlantic Ocean. The population is 4,534 which is less than half that of Driffield, the town where our offices are.

The Event

The Festival of Running is an annual event on the island, this year it takes place in November. Events include full and half marathons, 3k and 10k fun runs, the Jacob’s ladder challenge and a triathlon. Not for the faint-hearted, if you fancy having a go take a look at the official website –

The Medals

We created medals in two different styles. The first are our traditional medals in gold, silver and bronze finishes with digital printing and a resin dome. The green ribbon compliments them beautifully.

St Helena medals

The other medals are the Olympic style in black with laser engraving in two different styles, one with a green ribbon and one with black. Both look very eye-catching and we’re sure all competitors, whether they win or not, will be delighted with their medals.


This is a sponsored event to raise money for NASAS (National Amateur Sports Association of St Helena) and the New Horizon Youth Centre.