Acrylic Awards

Custom made acrylic plastic trophies designed uniquely to your requirements. Whether for a sporting event, educational or corporate use, personal achievements, or anything in between, our custom plastic acrylic trophies are the perfect, versatile, long-lasting and lightweight option to bring it to life.

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The process behind ordering your custom made acrylic plastic medals is simple. Just choose the shape you’d like them to be after selecting acrylic awards from our menu, add your images and text, as well as any thoughts you have on where things should be placed, and we’ll take it from there.


Our design team will take this information and manually create a design that first your needs perfectly. Subject to a final review, this will then be put into production, and when ready, we’ll ship these over to you wherever you are in the UK.


The entire operation, design and manufacturing process is all undertaken from our HQ based in Yorkshire, where we use only the best technologies and efficient processes to create our plastic acrylic award trophies and ensure you are getting one of the best products possible on the whole of the market.