Cycling Trophies

Our custom made cycling awards are the ideal way to celebrate any cycling event in a truly unique and memorable way. Whether this is for a cycling club, a specific riding event, a race or competition or anything in between, our bespoke cycling awards and trophies ensure you celebrate all of the hard work your cyclists are putting in all at extremely reasonable prices.

The process behind ordering your cycling awards is simple. We take your images, text and ideas that you have about your finished cycling trophies as well as the materials and shape that you want, and then bring it all to life in our in house HQ based in the heart of Yorkshire.


Our design team will manually review all of the information that you have provided and create a completely bespoke finished product, that subject to final review, will then be shipped over to you whenever you are in the UK.


We use only the best quality material sin processes as well as minimising our environmental impact in the process all to provide you with the best experience possible in a way that is truly rewarding. If you need any help at any point in the process, our team are on hand to provide you with anything that you need to get your awards looking perfect and sent to you seamlessly.