Rugby Trophies

Our rugby trophies are the perfect way to celebrate the achievements of your rugby club, match, cup or competition, all in a way that is environmentally friendly as well as being completely tailored to your club, players or event. Whether it's for rugby league, union, charity rugby matches or professional rugby clubs, we provide the same 5-star rated trophies at only the best quality, every time.


The process of ordering your rugby awards or trophies couldn't be easier, either. Once you select the material you'd like for your awards as well as the shape, we simply take your imagery, any text and then your ideas or placement suggestions for any of the info provided and create something truly exceptional throughout in house design team.


Based in East Yorkshire countryside, our design team will manually review and design your rugby trophies to ensure only the best in quality and design, before bringing them to life and shipping them over to you wherever you are in the UK, all from the same HQ in Yorkshire.


We take great pride in the service and quality we offer. Whatever you need for your rugby trophies or awards, our team are on hand to help and provide you with the best service possible all at incredibly reasonable pricing.