Schools and Educational Awards

Celebrate academic as well as personal successes in your school, college or university alike with our custom made awards and trophies. Perfect for any kind of school or educational use, our trophies and awards are of exceptional quality and value for money, using your own logos, wording and iconography to create awards that any pupil or student would truly appreciate and be honoured to keep as their own.

The process to order our custom made school or education trophies is incredibly easy to use. Simply choose the material and the shape that you would like for your awards as well as uploading any imagery, icons, text and suggestions for placement through our simple uploader, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.


Our in house design team from our Yorkshire-based HQ will take this upon themselves to create something truly incredible. We review everything that you have uploaded and create a design that fits the bill perfectly ready to be created and sent over to you wherever you are in the UK, all from the same location in North Eastern England.


We take incredible pride in the service and quality we provide with our school trophies, making sure that each one awarded is made from only the highest quality materials in the most efficient way possible.