Swimming Awards

Celebrate the achievements in your swimming competition, event or club with our completely custom swimming awards and trophies. Perfect for any level of competition as well as for teams and individuals alike, our swimming awards are truly exceptional.

The process of creating your swimming trophies is extremely easy to use. We take your images and any text you would like on the awards, as well as your instructions about how you think they should look in general, and our design team does the rest.


We manually review your input through our in-house team of experts to create the layout that would look best, before giving a final review and bringing the awards to life. Our business is built around nothing short of exceptional quality. We use the best materials and processes all from our HQ in Yorkshire to really maximise the potential of your swimming trophies and give your swimmers the recognition they deserve.


Once the order and creation of your swimming awards is complete, we’ll package them up along with anything else you add to your order and then ship them over to you wherever you are in the UK.