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Custom made rugby snoods and neck warmers for individual players, whole clubs and entire organisations, all with bulk discounts available and shipping across the UK. Medal Studio designs, produces and ships men’s and women’s unisex personalised snoods from our Hq in Yorkshire, giving you a neck warmer that is comfortable, lightweight and practical above all else to give your next rugby game the personalised warmth you need.

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To order your own customised rugby snoods, simply follow our easy to use ordering process. Just upload your imagery and text, as well as whatever your thoughts are about where things should be placed and our in house team of designers will take care of the rest.


We manually create a unique design for your rugby snoods using all of the info provided, before then making your rugby snoods to order and shipping them to you wherever you are in the UK. This is all following a final review of course, and roughly, all take under 14 days.


Our team is always happy to help, so whether you're looking for tube scarfs, neck warmers, personalised snoods or anything in between, our product can be the perfect fit for you and your team mates and we can help you at each and every step of the process.