Cycling Medals

Our custom cycling medals are second to none. Made to order, our bespoke cycling medals are perfect for any race, event, or club to present for any achievement and to any scale. Our innovative design process and quality materials allow us to provide the best medals in the industry for your cycling, so whether you’re riding the tour de Yorkshire or hosting a tandem cycling club, our medals are the perfect way to celebrate all participants.

Our process is simple. Just choose a material, a shape, and add your design or imagery and we’ll do the rest. You can add instructions for text or design preferences and our designers will manually create the design that looks best. Once approved, they will be shipped straight to you from our HQ in Yorkshire where they are made.


We ensure that our cycling medals are only of the highest quality for our riders and that they will impress anyone lucky enough to be presented with them. From eco friendly medals through to cast or custom shape medals, we’re able to scale your order to any size necessary and ship across the whole of the UK.


Whatever your cyclists have achieved, our in house experts are on hand to give all of the help and advice you need to create something truly amazing with your medals.